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Hawkmoor Group International Ltd

The Hawkmoor Group of Companies.

Individually diverse, collectively dynamic.



Project management consultants; facilities infrastructure and associated specialist equipment for defence, civilian and humanitarian aid projects to include camp infrastructure.



Leading provider of marine solutions and services, which are centred around the provision of complex, integrated, turnkey electronic navigation, communication and surveillance systems to the military and commercial sectors.  Also provider of maritime consultancy, ancillary equipment and specialised training.


Barrett Europe Ltd

Specialists in the design and manufacture of high quality military and commercial VHF/HF single side band radio communication equipment and systems.


Butyl Products Ltd

Work with Global Aid Agencies, International Relief Agencies, National Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations responding to emergency and humanitarian aid requirements and planned infrastructure development. This equipment is found in refugee camps and disaster zones throughout the world. Ongoing research/development ensures products continuously measure up to the demands of climate/conflict driven disasters.


Dann Developments

Manufacture bespoke software and hardware training simulators for firearms training to the Armed Forces. A flexible approach offering end users exactly what they require rather than having to accept existing equipment.

Earle International

Complete range of bespoke specialist clothing, footwear and equipment required for units to effectively operate in difficult environments.  Equipment covers ballistic protection and personal issue requirements include head and body protection, lighting, night vision, load carrying and sleeping systems, satellite navigation, ops. tools, distraction devices, flares and every other item necessary for enhanced, special operational safety and protection.

Energy Containment Concepts Ltd

Experience in the design and construction of firearms training facilities, public order training units, ballistic forensic facilities and Live fire shoot house.  Also offers refurbishment of existing ranges and a complete range maintenance service.

Gemco Equipment Ltd

Brake testing equipment for HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) including all defence vehicles; MOT (Ministry of Transport) test bay equipment for HGVs, cars and small commercials, full range of garage/workshop equipment, training and turnkey test stations.

Hawkmoor Ltd

Bespoke designers of deployable field catering equipment to include field kitchens, cookers, insulated food and beverage containers, refrigeration and all ancillary items.
Mobile and transportable air traffic control towers also mobile towers for use with surveillance and detector equipment, command and observation.
Mobile field hospitals and clinics.

Harrington Generators International Ltd

A wide range of generator sets from 2.5KVA to 125KVA with associated electrical equipment.

ISCA Freight Forwarding Ltd

Specialists in the logistics and shipping of goods around the world.  Import and Export via Air, Sea and Road.

Kalliope (UK) Ltd

Commercial and residential accommodation for a wide-range of permanent project facilities that have been constructed around the world.  These include living accommodation modules complete with toilet and shower facilities, secure workshop facilities, offices and specialised maintenance depots.

Praetorian International

UK’s leading Special Forces training company who design, develop and conduct training projects for customers.  Members of UKTI Defence and Security Organisation, Ballistic Tool Kit and hold ISO 9001 accreditation.  Instructors are SIA compliant and operate within all UK HMG guidelines.

Pyser SGI

A full range of night vision equipment to include hand held, head mounted and camera based systems incorporating image intensified and thermal technologies – also compass and binoculars.

Rodcom Communications Ltd

The following work can be carried out:
-Security Installations of CCTV Systems
-Integrated Telecommunications Systems
-Computer Cyber and Encrypted Systems
-EOD, Robots

Toye Kenning Spencer

Supplier of Uniform Accoutrements, Medals and Medal Ribbons, State Insignia and Regalia, Badges and Buttons, Hats and Caps, Awards and Gifts.