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Portable Cooker – HM22

The HM22 is the lightest and most compact of the Hawkmoor portable cooker range. It is capable of running on a variety of fuels and is ideal for solo use. It has been designed to be folded up into a compact format which can be stowed and carried in a small pocket or pouch.


The single burner has a maximum output of 3Kw.  A multi tool is supplied which is used to operate the unique jet cleaning pin.  This eliminates the need to remove the jet for cleaning.


The HM22 can be fuelled by Kerosene, Paraffin, Diesel, Avtur or similar (but NOT petrol).

The 0.6 litre fuel bottle connects simply to the stove by bayonet connection and all that is required is to pressurise and ignite.


Burner, pump, wind shield, multi-tool, instructions, o-rings, fuel filter, lubricant and a small “stuff” bag plus a separate 0.6 litre fuel bottle.