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Mobile Hospitals

This substantial trailer mounted system can quickly provide medium to long term (up to 15 years) medical capability in cities or towns, and also replace existing facilities where hospitals have been damaged or in some cases maybe destroyed.

The modular system is equipped to provide whatever level medical capability is needed; options include a CAT scan unit, operating theaters, ICU, examination trailer (pre and post op), pharmacy, out patients, wards, X Ray unit and other specialist capabilities, exactly the same as a normal built hospital.

Each of the trailers has double expanding wards that can be linked and made infinitely larger using corridors, therefore the hospital size is not a problem. Tent units can be added of required for additional bed space.

The trailer mounted mobile hospitals can be set up at almost any destination and are completely self sufficient and are ready to deliver quality medical care in a matter of hours after arrival at site.

The medical trailers can be towed by any standard heavy goods vehicle tractor unit to the required site and then removed to be used elsewhere.

A quick solution to provide full medical facilities where existing hospitals have been damaged or destroyed.

Military users have an air transportable hospital that is quick and easy to deploy and offers a wide range of medical capability.

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